To provide our customers the industries best capabilities in security risk management.

O psis Technologies Group, LLC is a certified, Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB) located in Syracuse, Utah that focuses on Security with an emphasis on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Opsis uses an industry leading security method called Holistic Security, developed by our CEO and founder, to bring the best capabilities available in the global technology marketplace.

Opsis uses international standards, government regulations, industry best practices, and decades of experience to bring the best capabilities available in the global marketplace.

With the invention of the computer and its rapid rise from a small tool in the organizational arsenal, to the driving force in international commerce, the importance of information (cyber) security has risen to preeminence among virtually every global entity.

Organizational security has been around as long as there were people who were willing to take what other people had. In business, this was largely a physical security problem. Risk management then came down to protecting the location from addressable threats.

As policy and procedure were based on common sense principles that could apply anywhere, little effort or emphasis was put into detailed documentation or training. Companies manufactured and stocked what they sold, and maintained a large supply of component goods so the supply chain had limited volatility or risk.

With the complexity of modern technology systems that are ingrained in every facet of an organization, the potential for risk from breach, failure, disruption, or error has increased in an exponential fashion. Static policy and procedure documents

History of OPSIS

Opsis Technologies began in 1999 as Axzys Technologies Group. Axzys was a small professional services consulting firm. Axzys operated multiple customer contracts including a multi-person subcontract with a Department of Defense Agency at Hill Air Force Base for more than five years. When the government contract was re-awarded as an 8a set aside contract, Vic chose to shutter the company and move into the national VAR industry.

After more than twenty years in leadership roles across the VAR industry, covering clients and locations worldwide and in all 50 states, Vic decided to return to his roots and take the information that he had gained from decades of international consulting experience, and bring it home to the intermountain west.

In 2013 Axzys Technologies was revived and rebranded as Opsis Technologies Group (a move which pleased our founder’s spouse, as she always hated the Axzys name). Opsis Technologies has since evolved into one of the fastest growing consulting companies in the state.

Executive BIO

Vic Berger is the founder, CEO, and principal consultant at Opsis. Vic has extensive experience within the information technology market having worked for several national firms in senior positions including Chief Technologist for CDW Corp, Chief Technologist for Affigent (a NANA Development Corporation Company), and Principal Technologist at Government Technology Sales Incorporated (now Unicom Government). Vic has extensive relationships throughout the technology industry with executive contacts and business relationships at most of the manufacturers in the technology space.

Vic has consulted and designed with all types of government and industry including some of the largest data centers in the world. Some of the notable customers include every branch of the armed forces; all major federal civilian agencies; thirty-three states; dozens of cities; numerous education institutions and systems; K-12 school systems across the country; and more than one-hundred fortune 500 customers.

Vic has acquired more than forty technical certifications in the information technology industry, with an additional twenty in non-technology disciplines. Vic’s Ph.D. thesis titled “Understanding the Profitability Curve in Technology Adoption” is the basis for his “Structured Technology Evaluation Methodology” (STEM) that has been used to train sales and sales engineering resources across the national I.T. VAR industry. Vic is also the creator and author of the “Holistic Security” discipline. Vic is a frequent author of articles in technical magazines, a speaker at government and technology events, and has been interviewed as an industry subject matter expert more than 50 times.

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