A supply chain security management system combines traditional supply chain management practices with security measures – allowing you to protect your business against threats such as piracy, terrorism and theft. Important aspects of security management include validating supplier credentials, screening cargo and securing cargo transit.

As supply chains grow globally and become more complex, companies also face greater security risks and compliance challenges. Our Supply Chain Security Solutions team understands these risks and challenges, and can provide a range of tools and services to effectively manage them as well as gaining and maintaining certification for Customs-Trade Partnership.

Supply chain security refers to efforts to enhance the security of the supply chain, the transport and logistics system for the world's cargo. It combines traditional practices of supply chain management with the security requirements driven by threats such as terrorism, piracy, and theft.

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Supply Chain Security program is the first and only supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. As recognized experts in the supply chain field, CSCP designees are valuable assets to their organizations.

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